Legend HR Advisors

Recruitment by executive & direct search

We specialize in finding candidates for managerial positions as well as independent experts.
Stages of recruitment and schedule of action:

  • Job Description - description of the position (1st week of the project),
  • Targetlist - preparation of research methodology (1st week of the project),
  • Longlist - the identification of candidates (1st week project),
  • Shortlist - presentation of the short list of candidates (3rd week of the project),
  • Assessment Centre - planning and conducting the session along with preparation of reports for the Clients and candidates (5th week of the project).

Recruitment project duration ranges from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the position and complexity of the process. During this time, we commit ourselves to provide a short list of candidates who meet requirements and criteria jointly established with the Client. A short list of candidates includes at least 4 well-targeted and best candidates.

Reporting on the recruitment process always takes place once a week in the form of a standardized report generated automatically from our system. It provides added value to our Clients, because it contains a range of information about the labor market and companies where research is carried out as well as information about candidates and their motivation to change the employer.

Guarantee for senior positions there is a minimum of 12 months guarantee, for mid-level positions - 9 months and for specialists positions - 6 months. If the recruitment is supported by the Assessment Centre the guarantee for each post is 12 months, while for the top-level positions it lasts up to 18 months.