Legend HR Advisors

A good candidate application, a convincing covering letter and a well-conducted job interview gives us just a little over 30% certainty that the chosen candidate will be a good employee, provided that the interview is conducted by a qualified and experienced recruiter.

The AC method increases the effectiveness of recruiting up to 76% according to Huck and McKinsey!

This is the reason why our Clients decide to support the recruitment process for key positions in the company with the AC methodology.
At AC we examine knowledge, experience, personality, temperament, intellectual level, emotional intelligence, motivation, views, interests and attitudes in specific situations, group exercises and tasks. It is this element which gives us so high effectiveness in the recruitment process.

Types of exercises performed during the AC/DC:

  • Interview - consists of verifying the level of qualifications, competence and experience of candidates. Average duration - 60 minutes
  • Psychological tests - allow for a thorough and comprehensive analysis of personality, intelligence and professional predisposition of the candidates. We also check the candidate's values and his professional attitude towards work, colleagues and superiors. Average duration - 50 minutes
  • "In basket" - the purpose of this exercise is to assess the analytical capacity of candidates, prioritization skills, ability to act under stress, time management, etc. After completing the tasks the candidate discusses his actions and decisions with observers. Average duration - 30 minutes
  • Group Task - this task is to assess the style of communication, listening skills, negotiating skills, ability to convince, temperament and personal culture. Average duration - 40 minutes
    Simulations of difficult interpersonal situations - in this task we evaluated the following competence: communication skills, ability to operate under stress, interpersonal skills and assertiveness. Average duration - 20 minutes
  • Case study - the method to evaluate the knowledge necessary for a given position and the ability to apply it. Average duration - 60 minutes
  • Presentation - is to prepare and present a presentation on a topic for a specific audience such as the company's Board of Directors. In this task we assess resistance to stress, communication skills, persuasion skills and the ability to interest listeners. Average duration - 50 minutes
  • Finding facts - allows to examine the analytical skills and ability to integrate knowledge, precision in asking questions. Average duration - 30 minutes
  • During an AC/DC session candidates' behaviours are observed and evaluated by several assessors. At the end of AC/DC we prepare an opinion, which is based on assessments of all the observers. The opinion is included in a report, which is delivered to our Client as well as all participants of the session. Candidates receive feedback on their person, their strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • We usually apply the AC/DC method for the following purposes:
    - external recruitment,
    - internal personnel selection,
    - evaluating the candidate's potential,
    - identification of training needs,
    - to raise workers' self-awareness.