Legend HR Advisors

In order to ensure maximal objectivity of the candidate assessment results, Legend HR Advisors applies a number of specialist psychometric tools. This allows a multi-aspect assessment of their functioning. Psychological tests make it possible to obtain a lot of information regarding predispositions of the candidates and enable verification of information obtained in the interview. Legend HR Advisors has a wide scope of psychometric tests. Their selection depends on the position for which recruitment is being held. Our qualified and experienced psychologists perform an in-depth and versatile analysis of personality, intelligence and professional predispositions of candidates. We check professional values the candidate respects, their attitude to work, co-workers and superiors, etc.
We believe that thanks to such a wide comprehension of the recruitment process, we are able to properly adjust the best candidate to the needs of every working position. We think that psychological evaluation of candidates should be, and in our case it is, an indispensable and constant element of undertaken recruitment tasks.
We select the best personnel basing on our knowledge, experience and specialist psychometrical tools, patronaged by the Polish Psychological Association. The foundations of our opinions are reliable and accurate results of tests performed in controlled conditions.
We offer psychological tests as a service of its own or as an additional form of verification of candidates’ competences in our recruitment processes.

We use the following psychological tests and questionnaires:

  • Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale,
  • Job Description Sheet,
  • NEO-FFI (PTCosta and R. McCrae),
  • ACL,
  • Test on Professional Values Orientation,
  • Apis-Z,
  • EPQR by Eysenck,
  • Raven's matrices test in an advanced version (Advanced Progressive Matrices - APM).